Anjani Bot

Who/What is Anjani?

Anjani is a name taken from the legend of Dewi Anjani. A foklore from Mount Rinjani in North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.


Anjani is made inspired by the first bot UserbotIndo.
That time we want to try a new client (Pyrogram) so we made a call to create a new bot. The first beta version of Anjani is nothing different than the other group management bot, so one suggested we must be different.

Then we rebased the whole project and it took us roughly 5 months to reach the “Anjani“ you know now. On 8 August 2021, we made Anjani “different“ than the other bot management. We created a Plugin to detect messages whether it is a spam or not.

Anjani has gone through a long journey to manage and handle more than 1k+ Telegram groups.

Vision and Mision

Anjani is here to help you to manage your Telegram group and make it easier.

Anjani protects your Telegram group from spam and excessive advertisement. While trying to ban spammers before they spam, we also implement a spam detector to detect spam messages. So admins can sit back and relax while Anjani protects your group 24/7.


A clean bot for Telegram with an emphasis on quality and practicality, designed to complement the official clients.
If you want to know more about Anjani you can visit our documentation. If you got any suggestions you can contact us.